Friday, 27 March 2009

London town!

Just got back froma psyc trip to london! It was aweseome, i love london, it put manchester to shame with everything thats going on. Though it was the most exhausting trip iv ever been on, had to wake up at 5 in the morning on wednesday to get the coach, COACH! sooo would have rather payed the extra £30 and got the train! So after getting of the coach we had to walk about a mile to the lectureplace, managed to catch about 10 minuets of sleep during one of the more boring lectures, then woke up to Loftus (wicked psyc woman) and then we went out for a lovley meal! Me ems wilf greg and tom went to cafe uno, as we were given £10 each for food from the trip kitty, was lovley! then we went to a bar, got back to the hostel, somone passed out, and we enede up not getti ng to bed till one, thats after 20 hours of being awake, i'm sure i'v never been awake for that long before!
The second day we had some shopping time, i got a way cute silk scarf from a vintage shop, for £12, its from italy and has classical fugures around the edge, i loves it! Unfortunatly its too big to wear in my hair (i had my hair cut boy short so i'm having to wear scarfs so i look more girly :P) Then we went to the freud museum, which was a pile of wank. Then we got the coach back!

Heres apic of a guard at buckingham palace :P Hes on his side cos my stupic laptop wont play.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Fun with Fimo

Woo, due to major boredom yesterday i thought i'd have a play with the fimo i bought around xmas, was pretty damn fun! I made some beads and some buttons, i dont have the patience for anything really fiddily! I'm loving how they came bout, think i might just have to make a few more! I'll prbbalym mdo some bigger ones for the middle of broaches and stuff, ake them a little more unique.

Another fun acheavement from yeaterday was me and mothers mini project of re-covering the kitchen chairs, she desperatly wanted new ones because me and the boys ruined them over the past 5 or 6 years, but, unfortunatly she spent all out money on building new bits of house and holidays so she wsnt alloud. I suggested re-coverning them so she can feel liek their new, we got the fabric from abakhans on discount, so she was pretty chuffed!

I'm still in bed, but soon,(ish) i'm going to get up and do some tec work, because its desperatly overdue. And then later on today, me and ems won tickets to see lilly allen at the academy, so were going to have a few drinks and go see that! Not a huge fan of lilly allen, bnut shes okay to listen to, better than staying in on a sunday night!

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Battle of the bands!

The boys were absolutly amazing in battle of the bands, seriously, i was so impressed. When we got there they were all walking around looking compleatly depressed because the sounds check fucked up, but when they gotin stage they were amazing, tom was the best, as front man, he carryed the whole thing! And ben wore his handmade (by me) summer of 69 jacket.

I got some pics before hand aswell, but his is him on stage. The jacket was made as a joke because we think he looks like brian adams, out of bens old, fallen apart jeans. It must have seemed pretty weird to the people watching as they didnt actully play anything by brian adams, hopefully they will just have a
ppriciated the brilliant craftsmanship in the jacket...
For this weekend (just tomorrow now) I'll be trying to finish off ems embroidery, making a start on my college textiles project and trying to photograph somemore stuff for folksy, headbands ect.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

You lost

3 days to go till battle of the bands... i havent done bens waistcoat! I'll try and do it tonight, four of my bets man mates, my little bro, my little bros mate and my ex boyfriend are in a battle of the bands competition this weekend! I'm really excited about it, i'v made one of my man mates a ridiculus waistcoat to wear onstage, inspired by his look-a-like brian adams.... Were going to make banners aswell...

As for things i'v been making, i made some cuper super cute little coasters for my newly tidyed bedroom. It took me three hours to clean and a further half hour to clean it, i decided it was a good idea to make myslef some coasters so idont get orange juice rings all over my surfaces, pretty clever idea. I made theese out of cardboard coverd in fabric with pretty buttons stuck on, they were mega easy to do, and well fun!

I also started an embroidery last night, my mate ems is moving room and i thought it would be a nice gesture to make her a little room warming present. Not sure she'll see it the same way, seens as every time she looks at it she will loose the game, once the embrodery is done i'll tell you about the game :P

I hope she will appriciate it! The stitching so far is pretty wonky, hopfully it will work out! I started work on some spring/ summer stuff for tea party yesterday, i'm plannign to get it all done and do a proper photo shoot with it all! I'm excited, i hope it'll work out as i plan, and be as cute as i imagine!

Sunday, 8 March 2009

High heel shoes - the creation of the devil?

Well its six o clock and my feel have still not recovered from last night, my head has only just beaten them. Had my cousin down for the night so obviously i had to show her the local nightlife, the men of manchester let us down sorley, far too many drunk and gropey types around, but no more than i would usually expect on a night out. We got trashed and us two em and el stayed after the others pussyed out about half 12... Hopefully i didnt do too much drunk texting :s The pictures are pretty funny though, all in al;l a good night, cant wait till its my turn to go up to hers!

We also made fairy cakes during the day.... how cool are we? Ate quite a few for breakfast!

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Shoes and free days

Pretty nice day :) only two lessons this morning then went out shopping and got some super sup super cute shoes! to go with my new going out dress, they will go with loads of my other stuff aswell, grey being a colour i wear alot, i have some black satin which i'm going to use with grey ribbon and buttons to make a matching bag. I also got two meters of black lace for my college textiles project, i finished cutting out fabric for the dress today, hoping to get started on it this weekend so i can do the hard stuff in college with miss!

We have a day off tomorrow because theres a careers day for the year 12's so i think i bunch of us are going to go to the four in hand near wilfs to celebrate, said i'd go back to town with greg tomorrow to get his dad a bday prezzie and to go get a big bag of buttons from the bead shop and ribbon ect :) be nice to spend some time with greg in the morning before we go to bens for 'wacky wednesday' bloody men and their bloody nonn commital bullshit.

Anyway, dissapointingly gotno time for sewing tonight (am i an addict?) made some pretty cute headbands last night though, i want to make a bunch in pretty summery colours with nice decorations for summer on tea party. I'm alos thinking about doing some colthes and stuff, but maybe in the future when i start getting sales and stuff.

I'm keepsing the blue one, i made it woth some of that pretty cintage fabrici got at the craft fair, going to do more like the purply one, its a bit too girly for me but i think others might like it!

Monday, 2 March 2009

Trying hard

Trying very hard not to neglect my blog, i guess i'm really bad at sticking with stuff! Had a pretty awesome weekend, friday night was some friends of mines joint 18th party, obviously i was complatly trashed! I think i accidentally promised to make several people capes. But oh well, anything to get the word out!

Sunday me and mum went to an antique textile fair in fallowfeild it was great, we went last year aswell but didnt get anything. This year i got some really cute ceramic buttons and some vintage fabric. I managed to break one of the buttons as soon as i got them home, br dropping them :( I'm planning to use the fabric to make pretty little hanging hearts, will need major interfacing action though!

For the rest of the day i made a bag and then on sunday i went to see my ex's band play in a scarey [art of town, they were better than i thought they'd be! Quite enjoyed the night and i got a drink and a guitar pick off paul! (woo, go me)

I'm just in the process of setting up a myspace to do some teaparty promoting, havent used myspace in years but i thinkit should be a pretty good tool for getting some traffic. Going to try and had out somemore cards and stuff aswell.

Till next time!