Saturday, 14 March 2009

Battle of the bands!

The boys were absolutly amazing in battle of the bands, seriously, i was so impressed. When we got there they were all walking around looking compleatly depressed because the sounds check fucked up, but when they gotin stage they were amazing, tom was the best, as front man, he carryed the whole thing! And ben wore his handmade (by me) summer of 69 jacket.

I got some pics before hand aswell, but his is him on stage. The jacket was made as a joke because we think he looks like brian adams, out of bens old, fallen apart jeans. It must have seemed pretty weird to the people watching as they didnt actully play anything by brian adams, hopefully they will just have a
ppriciated the brilliant craftsmanship in the jacket...
For this weekend (just tomorrow now) I'll be trying to finish off ems embroidery, making a start on my college textiles project and trying to photograph somemore stuff for folksy, headbands ect.

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