Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Another craft stall

Well i got a stall at the albert club open day again, i only just finished my exams yesterday though and the day is on saturday! I'm hoping i'l have just enough stuff to justify doing it, i sat in front of the telly making loads of hairclips last night, there soooo cute! I really love how they look all lined up like this!

I might make a few more, i want to be able to put some up on the folksy aswell but i'm going to have to wait till the sun comes back so i can take some nice pictures in the garden again, i think they came out well. The weathers so crap here atm, i woke up this morning because of the rain and thought i muvt be dreaming because there was no way it could be raining so hard! Poor postmen...
I'm planning to go fabric shopping today, if the rain goes off a bit, i have loads of ideas for my summer wardrobe and i cant wait to get started, yesterday i drafted up a pattern for a cute tunic top and tested it out, i'm planning to re-make it in pale colours with some embroidery at the top!
I love shopping!

Monday, 8 June 2009


I have been negelecting this blog... i have excuses! Its exams time, i have my last one tomorrow! Psychology, which i;m currently not revising for cos i'm lazy. It was my birthday too.i got htis shiney red laptop.
I'm going fabric shopping on wednesday, so excited, then i'm just going to go mad making stuff! excited!!