Sunday, 15 March 2009

Fun with Fimo

Woo, due to major boredom yesterday i thought i'd have a play with the fimo i bought around xmas, was pretty damn fun! I made some beads and some buttons, i dont have the patience for anything really fiddily! I'm loving how they came bout, think i might just have to make a few more! I'll prbbalym mdo some bigger ones for the middle of broaches and stuff, ake them a little more unique.

Another fun acheavement from yeaterday was me and mothers mini project of re-covering the kitchen chairs, she desperatly wanted new ones because me and the boys ruined them over the past 5 or 6 years, but, unfortunatly she spent all out money on building new bits of house and holidays so she wsnt alloud. I suggested re-coverning them so she can feel liek their new, we got the fabric from abakhans on discount, so she was pretty chuffed!

I'm still in bed, but soon,(ish) i'm going to get up and do some tec work, because its desperatly overdue. And then later on today, me and ems won tickets to see lilly allen at the academy, so were going to have a few drinks and go see that! Not a huge fan of lilly allen, bnut shes okay to listen to, better than staying in on a sunday night!

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