Tuesday, 10 March 2009

You lost

3 days to go till battle of the bands... i havent done bens waistcoat! I'll try and do it tonight, four of my bets man mates, my little bro, my little bros mate and my ex boyfriend are in a battle of the bands competition this weekend! I'm really excited about it, i'v made one of my man mates a ridiculus waistcoat to wear onstage, inspired by his look-a-like brian adams.... Were going to make banners aswell...

As for things i'v been making, i made some cuper super cute little coasters for my newly tidyed bedroom. It took me three hours to clean and a further half hour to clean it, i decided it was a good idea to make myslef some coasters so idont get orange juice rings all over my surfaces, pretty clever idea. I made theese out of cardboard coverd in fabric with pretty buttons stuck on, they were mega easy to do, and well fun!

I also started an embroidery last night, my mate ems is moving room and i thought it would be a nice gesture to make her a little room warming present. Not sure she'll see it the same way, seens as every time she looks at it she will loose the game, once the embrodery is done i'll tell you about the game :P

I hope she will appriciate it! The stitching so far is pretty wonky, hopfully it will work out! I started work on some spring/ summer stuff for tea party yesterday, i'm plannign to get it all done and do a proper photo shoot with it all! I'm excited, i hope it'll work out as i plan, and be as cute as i imagine!

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