Monday, 2 March 2009

Trying hard

Trying very hard not to neglect my blog, i guess i'm really bad at sticking with stuff! Had a pretty awesome weekend, friday night was some friends of mines joint 18th party, obviously i was complatly trashed! I think i accidentally promised to make several people capes. But oh well, anything to get the word out!

Sunday me and mum went to an antique textile fair in fallowfeild it was great, we went last year aswell but didnt get anything. This year i got some really cute ceramic buttons and some vintage fabric. I managed to break one of the buttons as soon as i got them home, br dropping them :( I'm planning to use the fabric to make pretty little hanging hearts, will need major interfacing action though!

For the rest of the day i made a bag and then on sunday i went to see my ex's band play in a scarey [art of town, they were better than i thought they'd be! Quite enjoyed the night and i got a drink and a guitar pick off paul! (woo, go me)

I'm just in the process of setting up a myspace to do some teaparty promoting, havent used myspace in years but i thinkit should be a pretty good tool for getting some traffic. Going to try and had out somemore cards and stuff aswell.

Till next time!

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