Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Shoes and free days

Pretty nice day :) only two lessons this morning then went out shopping and got some super sup super cute shoes! to go with my new going out dress, they will go with loads of my other stuff aswell, grey being a colour i wear alot, i have some black satin which i'm going to use with grey ribbon and buttons to make a matching bag. I also got two meters of black lace for my college textiles project, i finished cutting out fabric for the dress today, hoping to get started on it this weekend so i can do the hard stuff in college with miss!

We have a day off tomorrow because theres a careers day for the year 12's so i think i bunch of us are going to go to the four in hand near wilfs to celebrate, said i'd go back to town with greg tomorrow to get his dad a bday prezzie and to go get a big bag of buttons from the bead shop and ribbon ect :) be nice to spend some time with greg in the morning before we go to bens for 'wacky wednesday' bloody men and their bloody nonn commital bullshit.

Anyway, dissapointingly gotno time for sewing tonight (am i an addict?) made some pretty cute headbands last night though, i want to make a bunch in pretty summery colours with nice decorations for summer on tea party. I'm alos thinking about doing some colthes and stuff, but maybe in the future when i start getting sales and stuff.

I'm keepsing the blue one, i made it woth some of that pretty cintage fabrici got at the craft fair, going to do more like the purply one, its a bit too girly for me but i think others might like it!

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