Thursday, 2 April 2009


Tea for ones are the best invention ever... The weather here is beautiful... really, i wore shorts and sunnies today, making themost of it. We;ll regert this in 2 mnoths when there is solid downpour through the whole of summer :P

I sat in the Garden this morning and had breakfast, then spent an hour in colege, got an ice lolly and came home to sit in the garden again. Now mums mowing the lawn so i came inside. Me and boys are going to do the four in hand pub quiz again tonight, i'v been brushing up on my trivia knowlegde, maybe we'l have a fighting chance this time with ben and lee coming along.
One day left at school then its easter break! Need to do alot of work. revision over the two weeks! I'v nearly finished my Textiles project so i'm hoping to get the girls over to do some photo taking duing the week, havent seen the girls in aggges!

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