Sunday, 5 April 2009

Swap with me?

Somone at my mums work recently gave me a load of quilting stuff, some of it is great, i'v never tryed quilting before and having been inspired by some of the articles in 'sew hip'(a re\lly cool sewing magazine) i would quite like to give it a go. However, some of the stuff in the bag isnt much good to me, as i'm 18 and not planning on kids for another 10 years or so, i dont really have much use for the kiddy print quilting stuff, i also dont know anyone who has or is expecting kids nd could use it. So i thought i'd offer to swap it for some fabric or stuff i can use!
Hopefully there is somone out their with kids and some fabric they havnt got a use for!

All the fabric, There are 3 squares of teddy bear stuff, one big square with some rabbits on it, one big square with tddys on it and some with strips of rabbits, there are four strips printed on one bit of fabric (if that makes ssense)

If you want better photos/ measurements ect feel free to email ( or comment this post, if you dont want to lot i'll be willing to just give you a bit of it. I;d preffer to mail to the uk, but mught make an exeption :)
As to what i want, i'm not too fussy! If anyone has any lightweight white or off white linen or cotton that would be great, or really any summery fabric i can use for my summer wardrobe, alternatly, any bits and bobs of bbuttons and fastening and stuff would be nice. I dont know what this is worth so just offer whatever you have spare!

I also have, if anyone is interested, a few boxes of sewing tread, there is no way i can use all this thread (i have 2 more boxes of each colour) so if anyone wants to trade for these?

I'm trying to organise my room a bit so its nice and neat for revision, i'm startng by getting rid of the stuff i dont need :P

Please get ini touch if you think you could use any of these things!

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  1. Purely out of interest how much would a box of the above threads normally cost? Ive looked around and cant find anything. Also, would you say the thread is quite fine. I tend to only be able to use Moon thread which is quite fine.