Monday, 6 April 2009

The fruits of yesterdays labour...

As days go yesterday was pretty boring, my parents had friends round so i had to go be polite and then i was bored as the boys were banding, cant belive i'm one day into the holiday and already bored! But boredm did produce results! As i hvent been to buy black thread yet i cant finish my tec, leaving me to sew guilt free! I made this relly cute belt! I was going to paint it as its plain white but i'v decided it'l go with more this way, I'm wearing it today to town, so cute with little summer dresses!

I also had a go at working out a purse pattern, i really want a bigger more organised purse than i have now. It came out really wonky and not sturdy enough, think i need to use a thicker fabric, and be more precise instead of just cutting a load of rectangles and hoping for the best!

I'm off into town today to get some earring making supplys for the earring swap on crfster, i havent got my partner yet but i'm hoping if i go and get the important bits my stash will come up trumps! Anyway, off into the city now!

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