Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Happy New Year!

I'v been buisy over the holidays, and now i'm back at collage so i havnt had much time to go online (i also forgot my blogger password) I'm ment to be using today to revise for my textiles re-sit tomorrow, but its excrucitingly boring reading over the unit one stuff, i know all the info i just have trouble amswering the quiestions because you never know what the examiner want from you!

I thought i'd post pictures of the christmas gifts i gave some of my friends, as they have them now, i think they all liked them, now i have to think of new ideas for birthdays.

I made these gloves for ella, i love how they came out, except there a bit big at the top. They didnt take too long to make, i might do a few more pairs to sell, they just look so much nicer for the simple decorations. I got the ribbon from this little shop in cornwall which sold craft supplys, homemade stuff and vintage things, its pretty much the greatest shop ever if you ask me, i got a pair of antique hand crocheted gloves there as well, there framed in my room now.
And for em i did some customised knitting needles! i used mums old woodburner from when she went through her crafty phase, it was pretty scarey, the cord was too short and there were no instructions and all the wirting on the box was in german, i know i took german for 5 years, but i dont speak a word of it. However em loved them, and i think there pretty cool too!

I also did a hat for chloe and a purse filled with random stuff for laura, i got a load of new craft stuff for x-mas so after this exam and all my coursework i'm gonna be pretty buisy!!

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