Wednesday, 17 December 2008


Totally addicted to embroidery at the moment. Its really relaxing and really easy to get nice results! Problem is i dont really know what to do with the stuff once i'v finished... I might fame some of the stuff i've done so far but i need to find things to embroider so i dont have random samples lying around without a use!

This is prbably my favourte little one so far.... i got the image off google and thought it was really cute! I'm probably going to frame this one, i'll prbably eather sell it for give it away, it doesnt really go in my house but i'm sure it would look cute hung on a wall somewhere!I'm really looking forward to christmas now! Cant wait to get my overlocker! and my random crochet and sewing books! and other goodies to play with! I'm going shopping on friday to get the last of my presents for mum and my bro and i need to finish off making my mate presents, i'v just been slaving over a wood burner customising knitting needles for em! I'll post pics of all my handmade presents once there finished!And here are some cute trees for a very merry christmas!

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