Monday, 12 January 2009

Buisy bee!!

Feel like i'v done alot today! even though i had a lie in this morning! did my lessons in collage, went into town got bits for peoples presents and then came back and made some stuff!! Greg and wilfs birthdays are coming up next week, so i'v made them both ties.... I also found for them, in the pound shop, what i tink are some of the greatest DVDs i have ever come across... for wilf - 'The Wrecking Crew - time to clean the house' Starring Snoop Dogg as the overlord, watching over the 'hong kong style martial arts action set against state of the art special effects' while Ice-T tryes to stop him. And for greg 'Born2Bgangsta?- A RAPumentary' Featuring Coolio and Ice-T.
Its not often you find hilarious gems such as these....

And these are the ties that will be overshadowed by the DVD brilliance. I do still really like the ties though, marroon for greg and pin stripe for wilf. I'm going to make greg some fake mustashes to go with this stuff, as he cant grow one of his own.I also managed to get hold of some hair clips today so i could finally put together my flower clips! i think they turned out pretty cute although i burnt my self REALLY badly on the tip of my finger while gluing them, and another pair of vintage earrings. Stuff i'm getting ready for when my debit card arrives and i can set up an etsy shoppe. I also started work on Chloes birthday present, im making her two stuffed elephants from the S.E.W book, and i'm going to think of somthing else cute to go with them as well.
And i got my Swap partner for my first ever Craftster swap today. its an hand bags and clutches swap, she wants a going out bag, i already know what i'm going to make!! I'm excited about this! Going to try out some new techniques, and try and new style of bag which, in my mind looks really really good... we shall see how that turns out.

I must remeber to do my Class civ coursework as well! funny how school work is so much less important to me than my sewing :P

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