Tuesday, 13 January 2009

An afternoons work

I came home intending to do my class civ coursework and yet again failed to do it, so now i have to avoid mr barry for another day and i feel well bad. Hes the only teacher who can actually make me feel bad for not doing my work!
Anyway, instead of doing class civ i came home and started to work out a pattern for a clutch bag, started with an idea and some fabric scraps, and slowly, with much swearing, unpicking and screwed up paper i got a finished pattern and a test purse. I'm planning on going back and making somemore modifications and different versions. I'm not sure the pleats work, but they might look better with a heavier fabric (the stripe is quite lightweight and flimsy) and i'm going to try a version without the pleats as well.

I have some lovely brown and cream fabric i want to try it with, with a turquoise contrast, and some bright pink. I want to try and put some piping round the edges as well, i'v never ytryed before but i think it would finish it off really nicley. I also want to made some that are alittle wider. this fits quite alot in but it would be nice to have it streched a bit.

Aside from that i just got back from my second ever belly dancing class! its so much fun! i'm going to make myself a floaty hippy skirt, the one i wore today was way too short! it needs to be floaty but not flare up so much that my ass is on show when we spin round!
I also started drafting the attern for my textiles project today, scarey shit, I'm making a long slip dress with a big train, then a lace bluse to go aver it, and a corset to go over that. I had no idea we were making our own patterns! its scarey stuff! I'm still pretty excited about it though, I love the making bit in textiles, its the bt i'm good at, it always fail at the wole, do a chart, then types up some research crap.
I really need some sleep, havnt been able to sleep for the past few nights, then had early mornings, i was so achey from it this morning, fortunatly the cow was open before collage, need the doffee to keep me going!

might go to bed now....

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