Monday, 27 April 2009


Its official, i'm one of the most stupid people in existence..I'v broken my foot in two places falling down a step! So so so embarassing! And now i'm in a cast and hopping about on crutches as i cant put preassure on it for 3 weeks!

This is very annoying, as it makes simple tasks like getting a glass of water hard, and also, my college is so disabled unfriendly! I have to hop up 3 flights of steep narrow stairs to get to my psyc class because theres no lift and the doors are so heavy i need to get people to open them for me :( Thanksfully there are a few nice students out their to help! the 6th formers are nice but the younger kids are terrible!

The worst thing about it is the crutch pain! I'v pulled all my muscles in my arms and left leg froun hopping! And the handles of the crutches are really really painfull for my hands. However, being a little bit crafty comes in handy in these situations! I have fashioned myself some nice little pads for the handles!

Their quilted (never quiltend anything before, bit of an experiance) Two layers of batting, pretty purple stuff on top and felt on the back(for added grip) I then but bias tape over the edge as this is what i had for time and put some ribbons on the back so they tie arond the handles! Definatly one of my better ideas it has to be said, there working quite well, and only took a few hours to HAND sew (my sewing machine foot id the one thats broken!)

On a somewhat brighter note the lovely Ji ji Kiki (hope i got that right!) feathured me on her blog The Scavenger Bird Its a lovley blog with lots of beautiful prduct featured fromall over the net, so i suggest you check it out, especially if your looking for a treat or a girt for anyone!

I'm off to read some books and think of things i can hand sew whilst confined to my bedroom!

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